Want to Send Emails In PHP With PHP Mailer


Actually, PHP Mailer is a popular open source PHP library to send the emails. Since its invention, PHP Mailer has become a most favourite way of transmitting emails for PHP developer who is sending emails programmatically apart from a few other fan favourites such as swift mailer. Initially, this PHP Mailer offers an object oriented interface, whereas mail () is not an object oriented. Normally, the PHP experts hate to create $headers string, while sending emails by utilizing mail () function and it need more fugitive, so PHP Mailer makes this as a waft. This mail () function needs a local mail server to transmit out emails and hence the PHP Mailer can use non-local mail server, if you have authentication.

Why use PHP Mailer?

The PHP Mailer usually provides several functionalities through the PHP core function mail () that includes HTML messages, SMTP SSL encryption, file attachments and authentication and many more. Among all, the PHP Mailer is very much simpler to use than mail () and also offers a clean as well as readable object-oriented syntax. The major reasons to use PHP Mailer instead of mail () are:

The initial thing is that the mail () relies on a server email subsystem to work. This means if you wish to alter some settings such as authentication parameters or SMTP server, you want to perform it system inclusive. Normally, this is a quite complex function and unless you have a dedicated server or you are using a local PHP development setting, you are possibly not even permitted to perform it. You can also buy Turbo Mailer which is the most popular desktop mass email sending software and use it at SMTP server.

This also creates almost impossible to utilize the unique configurations at a same time. With PHP Mailer, it is very much simple to alter any parameter vigorously true in your PHP script. For instance, using several simple mail transfer protocol accounts are swapping between them programmatically.

The second thing is that the mail () does not even provide any advanced functionality. Mail () is good for transmitting plain and simple text emails, but it is very controlling, if you want to perform anything more than this. For instance, sending HTML emails or adding attachments are more complex with mail (), while with PHP Mailer it is simply a matter of one line of code.

How to install PHP Mailer?

The previous versions of PHP Mailer (version 5) are used to offer a “PHPMaileraAutoload.php” file and all you required to do is to add it in your script. Beginning from version 6, this file is no longer offered. At present, make the PHP Mailer class is available in your script and you can have a couple of choices:

  • Use composed to download the PHP Mailer and make an autoloader file automatically
  • Download the PHP Mailer source code manually and also add the needed files yourself

Installing PHP Mailer on windows

Composer is a dependence manager for PHP. It highly supports you download, install and also keep up to date PHP libraries and extensions. Download the composer installation file and run it. You should also follow the instructions properly and ensure that you can choose a PHP executable file.